About Us

First off, this is not a marriage blog.  This blog is a place where Mike and Kayla share their thoughts, adventures, and crazy fucking ideas with the world.  It is equal parts funny and offensive.  We hope to make your day a little better.  Unless we hate you.  Then we hope this blog makes you cry.  <3

Where to start?  Like seriously, I am Mike is fucking amazing.  He is smart, funny, and gay.  Very, very gay.  No seriously, like things tend to spontaneously combust when he walks by.  Mike also has a degree in French (he is gay afterall) and is a huge tech nerd - the type that waited in line for 12.5 hours to get his iPhone on release day. He's also a ventriloquist. Seriously.

Mike is a graduate student at Université Laval in Québec City. Yes, that's right, a useless French degree was not enough, he has decided to turn it into a useless Master's degree in Linguistics.

With her sharp wit, Kayla has a black belt in sarcasm hidden behind a sweet disposition and winning smile. She is a self-proclaimed beauty addict, and owns enough makeup to cover the face of every United States citizen, and a few Canadians as well. Kayla is also a total nerd and hopes to one day live in a life size replica of the Millennium Falcon and travel regularly throughout time and space in her very own TARDIS.

Kayla is the Content Manager and Lead Customer Advocate for Milwaukee-based startup, Wantable.com. She's also the blogger behind Beauty Charade, which is devoted to all of her vain little obsessions.