Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Bloggess: An Inspiration

So, Kayla and I heart The Bloggess. She is a major inspiration for this blog and I'd like to share the story of my first true interaction with her.

It happened in July. I was really down for reasons I can't discuss (see about half-way down this post); it was to the point that I was crying at my desk at work (okay so I’m not the manliest). I went to Twitter in search of some solice and discovered that The Bloggess (a.k.a. Jenny Lawson by the way) had just tweeted a link to her most recent post and suddenly I was laughing. I was so grateful that I tweeted The Bloggess:

@OfficiallyMike: "@TheBloggess I'm having like the worst day EVER. At work crying at my desk and then I read one of your posts and I'm laughing. Thank you."

So, I know she's a busy woman and all, but I kind of expected a tweet back. You know, "Thank you" or "Thanks" or just "TY" or maybe just "x". SOMETHING to show thanks for my thanks. Well, I got no tweet back. Being the bitter gay that I am, I tweeted her back a couple days later:

@OfficiallyMike: "@TheBloggess Please follow me so that I can block you. We're in a fight. #bittergay"

Well, this time she tweeted me back:

@TheBloggess: "@OfficiallyMike I'm *already* following you. You are terrible at feuding with me."



UPDATE - Read the discussion between Kayla and I after The Bloggess herself commented on this post.


  1. You're my favorite person that I'm feuding with right now.

    PS. If you need me to stab someone
    i could probably do that.

  2. I'm pretty sure you just made my year. (I tried to come up with a response that was a little wittier, but I'm too busy hyperventilating.)

  3. I second that! I keep choking on my coffee because I'm so excited that I forgot how to drink. Not to sound crazy or anything, but you're like our Mother Monster. Lady Gaga, who?

  4. I'm darn near peeing myself laughing at "please follow me so that i can block you. we're in a fight. #bittergay". It was all hilarious. I heart Jenny, too.

  5. I'm a total Bloggess addict, too, AND I just found out from your "About" page that you and Kayla are actually LOCAL to me! I feel like I've had a brush with a national celebrity via local celebrities and I'm really kind of thrilled about that. I only wish I had a blog and a Twitter account now so I could get in on the fun. ;-)

  6. You should create a Twitter and join in on the fun!

  7. I would love to, but I'm pretty sure I would suck donkey nuts at Twittering/Tweeting, so it's best for everyone if I stay off of it. LOL.