Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My inner thoughts while buying lipstick online.

As a beauty blogger, I'm pretty much obsessed with makeup (look for a future post about my ridiculous collection). Admittedly, my spending habits are horrible, and my inner monologues while buying makeup online are nonsensical at best. Here are some conversations between my conscience and I while buying lipstick from several online stores.

Buying a random brand on HauteLook, ideeli, etc. of lipstick for $15:


Conscience: I've never even heard of that brand and neither have you. Don't you think that's weird given that you're a beauty blogger, Kayla?

Me: But! But! It says a lipstick is usually $50 and they're selling it for only $15!!!

Conscience: OMG!! Why didn't you say so?! BUY ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Even the brown one? I don't think I can rock brown?

Conscience: WHO CARES? IT'S ONLY $15 AND IT'S USUALLY $50!!!

Me: You're right. It must be made out of unicorn blood. *buys*

Buying a MAC lipstick for $15:

Me: Ohhhh I've heard such good reviews and I've seen a TON of swatches of this lipstick! I should really buy it!

Conscience: Isn't $15 kind of steep? I mean it's not even on sale. You should just leave it in your shopping cart so it can perpetually haunt you.

Me: But...but...I really want it. And I know that I'll use it a lot. How come $15 was fine for a HauteLook purchase that I knew nothing about but it's too expensive for a lipstick I know I'll love?

Conscience: Listen, bitch. Who's in charge here?

Me: Right. Sorry, conscience! *doesn't buy but leaves in cart to perpetually haunt*

Buying a NARS lipstick for $24:

Me: Wowww....$24 bucks for a lipstick is a little pricey. Plus I'm pretty sure I already own 20 lipsticks that are extremely similar to this. Buuuuuut I really like the name of the lipstick and the packaging is just gorgeous, sooooo what the helll!!! [A/N: I can't even blame this one on my conscience/voices in my head, I love NARS, mostly because they have the prettiest names.]

Buying a Chanel lipstick for $32:

Me: O_O Must. Have.

Conscience: Seriously, Kayla? Is it really going to be any better than every other lipstick you own?

Me: Shut up, Conscience. Just think about how pretty it will look in my purse. And how cool we'll look applying it in the bathroom at the bar. All of the other drunk girls will be so impressed/jealous.

Conscience: What are you waiting for?! BUY THAT SHIT!!!

Moral of the story: I'm fucked. My conscience loves makeup just as much as I do.


  1. My conscious never wins an argument with me when it comes to buying stuff. I take one look, my conscious says no. I tell my conscious it doesn't know what it's talking about and shoes just get more beautiful the bigger the price. My conscious sighs and says: "Yeah you probably need those."

  2. Haha, we're just better at arguing and justifying things than our consciences. xD