Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh Em Gee We're Gonna Be Kindle Twins!

In the latest episode of "Oh my fucking god if Mike and Kayla become any more alike they're going to merge into one person" Mike and I decided to pre-order the new Amazon Kindle Touch 3G.


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I've had my trusty Kindle 2 for a few years now and it's been wonderful to me. It's still pristine and works just as well as it did the day I opened the box and named her "Elle." Yeah that's right. I NAME my electronics. But that's a story for another day. I really had no reason to replace my beloved Elle except for the fact that Amazon announced its SHINY NEW TOUCHSCREEN KINDLES that day. I really love shiny new things.

Mike is a total Apple Whore, so even though I've been raving about how fantastic my Kindle 2 is for years, he was all "Blah blah blah I want an iPad, it's so much better than Kindle blah blah blah." I usually tune him out because he starts getting all tech-y on me. Ick.

Then something magical happened. Mike realized that his iPhone can do everything an iPad could, but they're both terrible e-readers. (Naturally, I didn't remind him that I had been saying this FOREVER.) So on the day that Amazon announced its newest Kindle lineup, including the Kindle Touch, Mike decided that he wanted one. My jaw dropped to the floor and I was fairly certain I was dreaming.

After discussing the many new features and the awesome new touch technology, Mike and me simultaneously decided to pre-order a Kindle THAT DAY. Neither of us had intended for that to happen. In fact, we had even discussed going to Target when the new ones were released so we could see them and play with them first. I can only guess that we were led to this hasty purchase by the whirly spiral of validation that we provide for each other whenever one of us is thinking about buying something. We spent the better part of the afternoon subconsciously convincing each other to buy a Kindle, and we accomplished that feat in record time.

When you're going to buy a new gadget, accessories are KEY. The case for the new Kindle came in four colors: black, green, brown, purple. I was torn between black and green because black goes with everything but green is my second favorite color (after pink, of course). I figured since Mike also loves black and green he'd be in the same tortuous dilemma.

Kayla: Are you getting the black case or the green one?

Mike: The black. I love how you know me so well that you only provided me with those two options.

Kayla: Of course! I'm still trying to decide. I think I'm going to get the black too. But I don't know if I want the light.

Mike: I'm getting the light just for the convenience of having it.

Kayla: True! Okay I'm getting the black one with the light too!

Mike: We'll have to go read at the bar with our matching Kindles!

I'm not sure what's more telling about Mike and me, the fact that we would actually READ in a BAR, or the fact that our lives revolve around alcohol. I'm not sure I'd like the answer to that, so we'll keep it rhetorical.


  1. I think bars should make that a thing... "reading corner - for those who just want to get pissed and read."

    I'd take my books there. Sooo much better than a library.

  2. I agree. Why don't all of these coffee shops just convert to bars after 8pm and serve alcohol? I'd be all over that in a hot minute.

  3. Kayla, my girlfriend is studying in Prague right now and ALL the coffee shops serve at least a little alcohol. Clearly it's just a trend us dense Americans haven't picked up on yet. Like leggings.

    Perhaps a good first step would be to offer some peppermint schnapps in all their hot chocolate. The second step would be: "Would you like to dip your scone in some VODKA?"

  4. "The best part of waking up, is VODKA in your cup!"

  5. There's nothing wrong with liquor AND literacy. My BFF Kelly and I get drunk and correct signs containing hideous grammatical errors. Seriously, we carry white out and sharpies. That's how we roll.

  6. My kindle is covered in Strawberry Shortcake stickers ... not from an avant-garde sense of whimsy, but because I have three daughter aged 6,4 and 1.

  7. There used to be a coffee-shop-and-bar in Elm Grove, guys. Perk & in the a.m., beer and liquor in the p.m. It's a crying shame that they went out of business!

  8. Whaaaat? I clearly need to get some investors and make this shit happen.

  9. RIGHT! But you don't want to rent your space in Elm Grove, apparently. It sounds like the sort of thing that might be popular in the Third Ward, though.

  10. Oooh, Kayla and I happen to know of a vacant location in the Third Ward. We have a tendency of putting bars out of business and it most recently happen in the Bloody Third (as tour guide in me calls it).