Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cats Doing Stuff

So, I recently bought the domain after watching this commercial:

I was like, "I totally want to go to that site!" But, it didn't exist. Sad panda. it does! now forwards to this blog and we are going to have recurring blog posts with pictures of cats doing stuff! Yay!

Unfortunately I am deathly allergic to cats (and therefore don't have any) and Kayla's cats are...special; so, we need YOUR help!

Email us pictures of your kitties to be featured in future posts! Email them to with the subject "Cats Doing Stuff." By emailing us your photos, you agree to let us post them on the site for the world to see.

Here's the best we could get out of Kayla's Miley and Ty:



That's what we call "Cats Doing Nothing."


  1. Umm... they look... ahem... slightly medicated(?)

    Gives 'stuff' a slightly ambiguous meaning....

  2. Both those cats do not look happy that they're having their picture taken. Ty in particular terrifies me. But that could be because I also am highly allergic to cats and so for me they all look like small little fluff balls of death.... Except for when I've been drinking, then they become the cutest things ever and I simply don't care that by hugging them all night my face has ballooned out of recognition and my lungs no longer seem to work.

  3. @Thomas Yeah, they only move for about an hour total each day. Friggin' stoner cats. I have no idea where they're getting the stuff.

    @plumsauce10 I'm allergic to them too. Shows how intelligent and sensible I am. They hate having their picture taken, so I usually sneak attack while they're passed out.

  4. I suspect those are some of the rare breed of Sardonic cat, similar in nature to the Siamese cat but even more neurotic and bitter.

  5. I think I should dress them up as little hipsters. That's what they get for being disinterested little jerks.

  6. I have two, and the younger one tries to climb the walls to catch things that ARE NOT THERE. I need to try to get a picture to send you guys. Unfortunately, she usually startles the crap out of me when I'm least expecting it.

    Techno-Geek Nerd Princess

  7. If you're at all interested in other animals or people doing stuff, you might find this website amusing (I've laughed so hard over some of these, but it's possible that I'm the only one who finds these pix and captions hilarious):

  8. That. Is. AMAZING! Haha! Love the "Justin Timberlake hears a Who" one. Wish I had thought of it.

  9. My favorite (so far) is "Justin Timberlake creates matter out of energy." ROFL.