Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to Explain Gay Rights to an Idiot

Kayla and I are extremely proud of President Obama's decision to affirm his belief that same sex couples should be allowed to marry. Unfortunately, as expected, this stance has been met with opposition, cruelty, and downright idiocy. I have seen comments such as "What's next? Can I marry my drum set?" Below is a graphic that was posted a while ago on Imgur and BuzzFeed, but clearly needs to be brought back into the light.

Bottom line? No, you cannot marry your drum set, dumbass, because it's not an adult citizen who can make its own decisions. And you know that thing about how a lot of homophobes are actually gay? No wonder he wants to marry his drum set. It's my bet he really enjoys the company of his drum sticks.

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  1. "And you know that thing about how a lot of homophobes are actually gay?"


  2. Ah, yes. Nothing like a little science to justify the shit I say. Thank you, my friend!

  3. President Obama is firmly committed to the homosexual agenda and recent promises made to the LBGT and others have caused some in the conservative movement and the evangelical and Pentecostal churches to shudder. It is also clear that the church's concerns have little bearing on the President's position to throw the doors open for the "gay agenda by closing the steel doors around those who make so much as a whimper against the gays. Signing the untested and highly suspect Matthew Shepard act is the latest evidence of that.

    1. Ever heard of something called "separation of church and state?" Also, I'm as gay as it gets (I'm writing this at a gay bar) and I've yet to be made aware of any "agenda." And I came out more than 10 years ago. Unless you mean "equality" but surely no sane individual would label that as an "agenda."