Monday, May 21, 2012

See, what I meant by "kill" was...

I really don't understand my hair's absolute refusal to be blond given some of the things I do. One such example occurred on Friday.

On Friday Jenny, aka The Bloggess (in case you missed our infatuation with her see here, here, and here), invited President Obama to lunch via Twitter :

“.@BarackObama : I'll be in dc in a few hours. Lunch? My treat. But only if it's sliders. I'm craving sliders."

I retweeted. Which is harmless. Unless you add the hashtag "#inviteiwouldkillfor."

It took me almost an hour to realize that using the word “kill” in a tweet to the President of the United States is probably not the smartest idea. Especially when expressing jealousy. This was bad enough in itself. Then Kayla reminded me we were going to be flying to Vegas in two days. So I figured that I had a one way ticket to the no fly list.
But don't worry, Kayla reassured me...
“It was bound to happen sooner or later.”

I wrote this post on Saturday and scheduled it to post on Monday. So if you're seeing it, we didn't have any problems at the airport yesterday. Or I'm in jail and unable to cancel this post.

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