Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cats Doing Stuff: A long time ago...

This is our first themed edition of Cats Doing Stuff! Thanks to Shannon for the inspiration, Kayla and I <3 Star Wars!

So, we were looking for pictures of cats doing stuff. Anything really. But I'm not sure this cat can actually move. Shannon sent us this picture of "Ginger the Hutt:"

"Pay ganta cheeseburger."
("Please bring a cheeseburger.")

Hence forth this cat, sent in by Melissa, shall be known as Darth Kittious:

"No. No, no, you will die!"

We have received many more submissions too. Stay tuned for those and keep them coming by sending your pictures to info@mikeandkayla.com with "Cats Doing Stuff" as the subject.

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