Friday, October 28, 2011

Excuse me, is this lap taken?

So, a few days I go I got an email inviting me to a sneak peak of Tower Heist. This showing was last night and Kayla and I went. Let me tell you, Footloose was FANTASTIC.

Okay, here's the long version: I felt REAL special when they invited me. Usually I find codes for screenings on Twitter, but this time I was INVITED. "I am moving up!" I thought. Well, I was WRONG. See, this is was not a code-required, private screening. Nope. It was a PUBLIC screening. And everyone in the tri-state area had tickets. So we got there an hour early (they always over book these things, but an hour early is usually plenty) and there were already 300 people there. >_<

We waited at the end of a very long line for seating to begin. Then it began and the line, which curved back on itself, began to move. We would have had to walk away from and back to our current spot if we followed the line. As there were no ropes or anything, we opted to just NOT move and then join the end of the line when it got back to us. Unfortunately I proclaimed, "If anyone tries to pass us, I'll take them down," at the absolute wrong time - an employee was just approaching. I giggled like a school girl and flashed her a smile before putting on the performance of my life and telling her I was just kidding.

Fortunately we were not removed from the building and, as planned, joined the line when it got back to us. We walked into the theatre and looked around. PACKED. There was no way we were going to be able to sit next to each other unless we wanted to sit in the front row and even that was filling up quickly. I offered to sit on the lap of a woman who had one empty seat next to her, but, much to my offense, she declined.

Kayla was prepared (read: obsessed) and knew that Footloose was showing in forty minutes; so, we opted to ditch the PWC (People With Computers) sneak peak showing.


See, I don't hate every movie! (See here and here). There were some iffy parts, but the rest was so AMAZING that I don't even remember the bad parts. I'm not sure if being boy crazy and youthful-ish (i.e. you still have your original hips and can dance) are prerequisites for loving this movie, but they probably don't hurt. Either way, if you're alive, you should go see it! Hell, it's almost Halloween; so, even if you're not alive, GO SEE IT!


  1. Happy Halloween you two! I hope you have a good one.

  2. Thanks, Daniel! Hope you had a good one too! =) Mine was lame but Mike was drinky drunky in costume all day.

  3. Hey! "Drinky" was an autocorrect typo, thankyouverymuch. I was just "Drunky." And only a little.

    I did win scariest costume at my work. That's pretty impressive given where I work. Of course, I'm not going to say where I work; so, you'll have to take my word for it. Unfortunately I can't post a picture in a comment. :(

  4. I would do a blog post about it, but that would be kind of vain. Not that I have a problem with being vain. Anyways, go here (copy and paste into the address bar):

  5. Awesome! I would totally have gone all out on a costume for work, but the only ones I had at home were a werewolf and a chupacabra. Neither of those seemed appropriate for a hospital where sick or injured toddlers might be recovering. I had to make due with a bright orange polo and some light-up devil horns. Ah well.

  6. Nothing wrong with classic devil horns!

  7. Awesome costume, Mike! Getting your money's worth out of the $60 contacts, too, I noticed. LOL.