Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This is a terrible idea.

The people who know me in real life will tell you that I usually have an answer for everything. If the proper response to a friend's problem doesn't immediately pop into my head, I'm also quite gifted at using the interwebz to find the best (or sometimes funniest and most ridiculous) advice.

This is why I had the brilliant idea of writing a little advice column here.

This, dear readers, means that I NEED YOUR HELP! If you have a problem that you'd like some advice on, email it to me at

However, if your problem is something like, "My wife is a cheating whore." I probably can't help you with that. NO! Wait. I can. I know just what you should do about your cheating whore wife.

I guess nothing's really off the table here.

PRIVACY NOTE: I forgot to put this in here initially because I was so excited and wasn't thinking, but OBVIOUSLY your identity will be kept a secret. Nobody will have to know who's airing the dirty laundry on the interwebz. Our little secret. ;)

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